Simple Calculation In And Guess Fetches Money In Betting

Any tournament is played for cricket means, there would be a batsman trying to save his team by hitting balls or saving team by defensive game. Either only these two could be possible, a new person can guess from the way of the players, the bowler efficiency could attack all batsmen, and make the team all out or the batmen in the pitch can save his team, one of these could be guessed easily. Not much cricket knowledge is required, not the players name required watching in the screen is enough, and if there is no display of the game means, cricket commentary is enough to understand this game.  Now, anyone can pay money in IDN Poker and play for his earning money, this time if the batsmen saves the team by defensive game or hitting balls to win the score would fetch money even up to one money for hundred times. This kind of winning not only brings joy in the game, at the same time, a person who understands the game would get dual times joy for winning cash for his guess. It is always better to bet with the famous betting site not with the new betting site that, there are many reasons to avoid new betting sites.

Why new betting site should be ignored in betting games

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When there is a game played for tournament, for any game there would be many new sites offering money. These new sites are working only to earn money from losers, not focusing to pay the winners who are betting the match. In this condition, the new person who is new to betting would forget the name of idn poker, he would be betting in a new site, he would be winning by his guess, but the cash would not be remitted to his account, he would get only “your cash would be remitted soon” for many days. What does this mean? This new site is associated site of the main company, the main company only must have to pay and this site would be sending winners list. And losers list to the main company, the winners list would be ignored by the main company, at last after verifying everything money would be sent, but not full money, there would be some deduction in the prize money and only some cash is sent to the winners who betted the game. Betting with popular site is safe to players.